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Line Painting Services

Alberta Parking Lot Service provides line painting services required to keep your lot looking presentable long after any paving projects are complete. APLS can layout and paint new asphalt (parking lots or roadways) or grey out and re-lay existing lots to encompass any changes you wish to deploy in your existing parking lot.

APLS Line Painting Services refresh and enhance the appearance of all paved surfaces and are performed with pin-point accuracy and precision.

Alberta Parking Lot Services’ Line Painting Services Include:


Parking Lots






Durable Painting

Serving Red Deer and Alberta since 1985, we specialize in parking lot and road maintenance and repair in both the commercial and industrial sectors for both private and public customers. On average, we employ 40+ responsible, highly-trained, and experienced workers who take pride in their work. Our management team, be it estimators, project managers, administration, supervisors, or our safety manager work in coordination with each other and the workers to ensure the best possible service to our customers.

It is our mission to “deliver high-quality, cost-effective services to customers that expect superior results.”