– Snow Removal Services –
Plowing, Hauling, Sanding, De-Icing

Snow Removal Services

With years of business in the cold and unpredictable nature of the Canadian winter, APLS has developed an amazing list of services to keep your parking lots and roadways safe for all that travel them. Our snow removal (plowing and hauling) services can be set up on a contract, threshold, or even call-in basis – providing our customers the versatility they require.

When it comes to traction and winter driving safety, the removal of ice and proper sanding of roadways are of the utmost importance. To help increase driving safety, APLS sanding services use 7mm chips that are applied professionally and precisely to the desired area. For those asphalt or concrete surfaces, you do not feel comfortable applying sand chips to, APLS supplies and applies de-icing products with the same accuracy and attention to detail we are known for in the industry.

Alberta Parking Lot Services employs licensed drivers/operators and reliable equipment that can remove your snow pile and dispose of it at the appropriate location.

Alberta Parking Lot Services’ Snow Removal Services Include:









Serving Red Deer and Alberta since 1985, we specialize in parking lot and road maintenance and repair in both the commercial and industrial sectors for both private and public customers. On average, we employ 40+ responsible, highly-trained, and experienced workers who take pride in their work. Our management team, be it estimators, project managers, administration, supervisors, or our safety manager work in coordination with each other and the workers to ensure the best possible service to our customers.

It is our mission to “deliver high-quality, cost-effective services to customers that expect superior results.”